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How to make yantra work for you? Read some little known ways to benefit from yantra

A yantra is a geometric figure used in Indian religions to worship God. It typically consists of multiple lines and circles arranged in a geometric pattern. Designs consist of combined features of geometry, astronomy and symbols representing different gods or goddesses. Each design has a specific purpose in various religious traditions. Some popular selling yantras in the name of god are Shree Yantra, Bagla Mukhi Yantra, Durga Bisa Yantra, Saraswati Yantra and more. There are some yantras which are believed to bring good luck, wealth and a few of them are believed to protect us from negative energies.

A very rare known fact but yantras are used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as an alternative to modern medicine. The practitioners believe that an individual's innate energy source - prana - resides within each person. The way people harness their energy is through their mental health, which involves balancing their thoughts and emotions. Therefore, practitioners think that imbalanced thoughts can lead to emotional disorders, which in turn can cause bodily imbalances. They use yantras to balance the mind, body, consciousness and inner organs. By extending their healing powers beyond the physical body, they believe they can achieve greater physical health and well-being.

According to the astrologer Sri Aurobindo, the yantra represents our body's innerworkings as seen from outside ourselves. The lines and circles represent our inner organs and feelings; the spaces between them represent our consciousness; and the connecting curves represent our connection with the universe. The yantra also represents our body as a whole as well as its individual parts. It presents us with a model of our body based on geometry so we can see its parts from an aerial view- like we would when looking at a puzzle box from above. We align ourselves with this internal model so we can heal both mind and body simultaneously with proper balance and alignment.

According to an article from the Journal of American Medical Association, visualizing in yantras can help you focus your thoughts on a particular goal. This is because they represent your inner world visually- like a map or photo-journal of your inner thoughts and feelings. When you visualize, it helps you gain clarity on what you want to focus on in your life. It also helps you visualize yourself obtaining what you want from within yourself- like an image of yourself walking towards what you want in life. This imagery will help give you the confidence you need to successfully achieve your goals.

Many people use yantras as an alternative to modern medicine for stress management and spiritual growth. The practitioners believe that an individual's innate energy source - prana - resides within each person. They also believe that visualizing can help you focus your thoughts on a particular goal- like purification or enlightenment in yoga practice. Ultimately, visualizing in yantras is about both relieving stress and achieving spiritual growth via yoga practice or meditation practice.

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