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    Shri Hanuman Ji Poojan Yantra 24 Carat Gold Plated Yantra 6 x 6

    This is a 24K gold plated yantra in a wooden frame with acrylic sheet. The actual product delivered to you would be similar to the one shown in t...

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Yantra is a mystical diagram used for the worship of deities in temple or at home or used as an object that helps in meditation or dhyan. Yantra is basically an energy diagram that represents various energy fields. Yantras comes in many shapes and varying complexities and they have direct physiological impact on the geometrical shape within a human body. In earlier times everyone in the small town could benefit from the yantras because they were made available in public temples.  Now in recent times maintaining these temples and yantras for everyone has become challenging and problematic and hence private yantras are created which can be placed at home or office. Shopping for these religious items in recent times has also become so easy and popular that you can now even buy yantras online.

Every yantra is associated with a specific mantra which is used to energize it. When you focus or concentrate on a specific energized yantra, your mind gets tuned into the form of energy of yantra. Hence yantra is a machine that helps you establish connection with different cosmos energies.The form of energy of the yantra is based on the shape of the yantra. Certain shape emits energy in certain forms and frequencies and these causes vibrations which helps you focus and meditate.

There are more than 50 types of yantras available and we are listing a few popular ones along with their benefits:
  1. Sri Yantra, Sri Chakra Yantra or Shree Yantra for learning, wisdom, creativity, finance, beauty, spiritual enrichment. Buy Shree Yantra if you want to break any down any obstacle or remove negativity from your life. 
  2. Mahalaxmi Yantra for wealth
  3. Gayatri Yantra for energy
  4. Saraswati Yantra for Education, intelligence, creativity
  5. Bagalamukhi Yantra for victory over enemies
  6. Vahan Durghatana Nashak Yantra for protection from road accidents/mishaps
  7. Santan Gopal Yantra for the desired offspring
  8. Kuber Yantra for wealth and abundance
  9. Vastu Yantra to get rid of vastu ill effects from a place of work or residence
  10. Mangal Yantra for quick results
  11. Navgrah Yantra for prosperity
  12. Sampoorna Vyapaar Vridhi Yantra for getting success in business

More about Shree Yantra

32 goddesses are worshipped in Sri Yantra also known as Trilokya Mohana Chakra or Nav Chakra. In Shrishti Kram pooja in Shree Yantra we start from the central point known as Bindu and go outside towards square. In Samhar Kram pooja which is usually performed by monks or sanyasi we go from outside to inside.

There are total 9 chakras in Shree Yantra and every chakra has a definition, yogini and a devi associated with it. The name of Goddess of Shri Yantra is Tripura, yogini is prakat yogini and adishthatri is Maha Maheswari.

To learn more about Shree Yantra visit our Shree Yantra page or contact us and we will be happy to connect you with our experience pandit or astrologer.

There are many kind of yantras, some in circular pattern known as mandalas, some in pyramid pattern known as meru yantras or maha meru yantra and some with numbers in them called sankhya yantras. They are also classified and categorized based on where they are drawn and how they are used.  Sometimes, they also include mantras written in Sanskrit. Below is the description of some of the common shapes used in yantras:

  • Dot or Bindu - Represents the source or the main deity associated with the yantra. Dot is located at center of the yantra.
  • Circle – Represents infinite space or expansiveness.
  • Square – Represents finite space or a fixed space and is associated with rigidity or earth. Square includes a sacred doorway on each side.
  • Triangle – Upward pointing triangle represents masculine energy or fire element and downward pointing triangle represents feminine aspect of god or Shakti or water. Combination of triangle represents balance or equilibrium.
  • Lotus petals – These represents purity and are family of energy manifest at the center.
  • Numbers – Numbers meaning vary based on the context of yantra, sometimes they represents 9 forms of Shakti  and sometimes 11 forms of Rudra. Sometimes numbers are used to crate a magic square which adds to the same number horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
  • Colors – Traditionally in south India people use crushed rice for making yantra on the floor. Organic materials are used to make yantra on floors. Rice for white color, Turmeric for yellow, powder of red brick for red color and powered green gram for green color are very common. Colors are not only for decorative purpose but very important because each color represents inner state of consciousness. White represents purity, red is for rajas or activating quality and black is for quality of inertia or tamas. 
  • Traditionally yantras were made available at any pooja place by drawing them on the ground with a rice flour, wheat flour or a sindoor. Sometimes stone was engraved to make a particular yantra on it. To make yantras portable and long lasting, yantras are now available in metal form which are engraved on a brass, copper, silver or a gold plate. Since buying yantras on gold or a silver plate is very expensive, people have started to buy yantras on a copper plate or in recent times gold plated yantras have also become popular.  In earlier days there was no paper printing or wood carving, but now yantras are also engraved on a wood, sphatik, or printed on a paper.
  • Price of a yantra depends upon its material type and quality. Yantras on gold or a silver plate is very expensive and affordable only by a rich class. Copper yantra or a gold plated yantra is affordable, long lasting and very common among middle class society. Price of a copper yantra may also vary depending upon its quality. For an example yantra on a 24 guage copper sheet will be expensive compared to a yantra engraved on a 12 guage copper sheet.  
  • Yantras engraved on a wood material or printed on a paper costs more or less the same compared to a copper yantra. They are less durable compared to any metal yantra and often you need to buy a new one but they can be easily energized and siddha.

  • What is the difference between Shree Yantra and Meru Yantra?
    Any yantra made in 3d form is also known as Meru Yantra. So any Shree Yantra in 3d form is popularly known as Meru Yantra. Any yantra in 2d form is known as Bhu yantra.
  • Does material and quality of yantra matters?
    Yantras made on metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Panchdhatu or Ashtadhatu are considered more durable, long lasting, and auspicious and benefits the most. Once yantras are energized they transmit energy very fast. Yantras made on a wood, sphatik or printed on a paper are as effective as any metal yantra but requires more care and are less durable. They can also be easily energized but energy transmission is little slow compared to any metal yantra. Remember, yantras made on aluminium , steel ,foils and plastic are useless, though these are very cheap.
  • Does size of a yantra matter? Are 3d yantras more beneficial compared to 2d yantras?
    Yes. Bigger yantras have more impact compared to the smaller ones.
  • Is energizing yantra required?
    A yantra is just a sheet of any metal or an object made in 3d form until and unless it is properly energized by any pandit or a bhramin. Energized yantra is also known as siddha yantra. If a yantra is not energized properly, it may or may not work.
  • Where should I place my Yantra?
    Yantra should be placed in your Pooja room or any room in the East portion of your home or office facing west.