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All the orders received between Friday (21st June) to Sunday (23rd June) will be dispatched on Monday 24th June 2024.
All the orders received between Friday (21st June) to Sunday (23rd June) will be dispatched on Monday 24th June 2024.


  • Crystals are formed through geological processes over thousands or millions of years, making each one unique. As a result, variations in color, shape, size, and texture are expected and celebrated, adding to the individuality and charm of each crystal.
  • Natural crystals often possess unique formations, which might include small cuts, inclusions, or spots. These are not defects but rather a testament to their genuine origin and formation. Such imperfections do not compromise the energy or metaphysical properties of the crystal.
  • The transparency and clarity of a crystal can also vary naturally. Some crystals may appear perfectly clear, while others might have natural cloudiness or internal veining. These variations are inherent to the natural process and do not affect the crystal's energetic properties.
  • Charms are made of metal and will fade with time. It can fade due to water, chemicals, sunlight or even sweat.
  • Please note that the images of crystals on our website or in promotional materials may display slight differences in color due to lighting conditions or individual monitor settings. We strive to represent the crystals as accurately as possible, but the actual product may look slightly different from the images.
  • Crystals are believed to have various metaphysical properties and healing energies. While many individuals find these properties beneficial, they should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.
  • As natural objects, crystals may have sharp edges or fragile points. We advise handling them with care to avoid injury or damage. Keep crystals away from extreme temperatures, moisture, and direct sunlight to preserve their natural beauty.
  • At, we are committed to providing genuine and authentic crystals. However, due to the natural variations and uniqueness of each crystal, no two pieces will be exactly the same.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your purchase, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team, who will be more than happy to assist you.


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