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How to care your crystal accessories jewellery / bracelets / beads / jaap mala?

How to care your crystal accessories jewellery / bracelets / beads / jaap mala?

Taking care of your crystal is much easier than you think. It doesn't require silk gloves or any other fancy caretakers, just some common sense and a little bit of dedication to upkeep.

  • Always keep your crystals clean and charged. They need to be cleaned every few weeks in order to maintain clarity.
  • Do not share your crystal with anyone. It’s yours to use.
  • Avoid using water, chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, hairsprays  and washing clothes/utensils can damage the crystals in your bracelet, causing them to fade or lose their luster. Try to avoid contact with these substances when wearing your bracelet of any kind, as this may permanently damage the surface of the crystal.
  • If your crystal is damaged or broken, stop using it and bury it safely in your garden. Near plants or tress can be a good place.
  • Crystals are light-sensitive and fade when exposed to sunlight for long periods. Bright sunshine can also make them brittle and breakage-prone. Also crystals / beads fades away with time.
  • Handle with care: When you're wearing your crystal bracelet, be careful not to knock it against hard surfaces or snag it on clothing or other objects. This can cause the crystals to become scratched or damaged, which can lead to fading over time.
  • Some inclusions, lines, marks, roughness can be there as these are natural crystals.
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