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Oval shape Tumbled with Grabovoi Numbers & Zibu Symbols

Oval shape Tumbled with Grabovoi Numbers & Zibu Symbols

Tumbled with grabovoi numbers and zibu symbols are used for many intentions like health, success, money and wealth etc. For ex: green jade or green aventurine for money luck and abundance, rose quartz zibu for love and relationships etc.

Here is some information on the individual elements:

  1. Grabovoi: Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi is a Russian mathematician, scientist, and healer who claims to possess the ability to use numbers and formulas to heal various illnesses, reverse aging, and influence events. He has developed a system known as the "Grabovoi Method" or "Grabovoi Numbers," which involves concentrating on specific numerical sequences to achieve desired outcomes. It's important to note that Grabovoi's claims and methods are highly controversial and not scientifically proven.

  2. Zibu: Zibu symbols are a series of simple, elegant symbols that were channeled by an American woman named Debbie Almstedt. She claimed that these symbols were angelic in origin and that each symbol carries its own unique energy and meaning. People sometimes use these symbols for meditation, healing, and personal growth.

  3. Tumbled Stones: Tumbled stones refer to small, polished, and rounded gemstones that are often used for healing, meditation, or decorative purposes. These stones are created by placing raw gemstones into a machine known as a rock tumbler, where they are smoothed and polished by tumbling them with abrasive materials.

Use this stone by placing it under your pillow, carrying it in your wallet or purse,  gifting it your friends and family members for good luck.

Zibu Tumbled with Grabovoi Numbers

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