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1 Mukhi Rudraksha - Natural & Lab Certified - India

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Product Info
1 mukhi Rudraksha is considered the most auspicious and divine bead in nature. It is the rarest among all Rudraksha beads, and it represents Lord Shiva, the divinity of purity. Ek mukhi Rudraksha beads usually comes from India and Java as the original Ek mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal is very rarely found. One mukhi Rudraksha bead is the one that rules all of the planets and is closely linked with planet Uranus.
  • Shape: Kaju dana/ Half-moon
  • Origin: India
  • Mantra: Aum Namah Shivaya, Aum Hreem Namaha
  • Ruling Planet: All and Uranus
  • Chakra Associated: Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra
  • Spiritual Benefits

    • Wearing Ek mukhi Rudraksha can provide you with material and spiritual benefits both.
    • It can help you attain spiritual growth and helps during meditation as well.
    • It can provide you with freedom from the circle of death and rebirth.
    • It can help you fulfil your worldly desires.

    Health Benefits

    • Wearing Ek mukhi Rudraksha helps to bring down anxiety, reduce depressions and cure OCD issues.
    • Wearing it is effective in curing migraine as well.
    • It helps in sharpening memory.
    • It enhances sleep quality.


    • One mukhi Rudraksha has only one significantly visible line that goes from one end of the bead to the other without breaking.
    • The color of Ek mukhi Rudraksha varies from being light brown to dark brown.
    • Shape of Ek mukhi Rudraksha is elongated like cashew or half-moon.
    • Ek mukhi Rudraksha unblocks the Crown Chakra of human body and helps one to be focused in their tasks.

    Body Chakra Associated

    1 mukhi Rudraksha controls the Sahasrara Chakra also known as crown chakra of the human body. This chakra is associated with clarity of mind, connection to God, and your beliefs. Imbalance of this chakra is known to cause depression, obsessive thinking, confusion, or disorders related to the brain or nervous system. If this chakra is balanced, you will enjoy the divine connection, wealth and abundance.

    Identify an original 1 mukhi Rudraksha:

    Look closely at the bead and check for one line that run from head to tail without any interruptions; whether or not the bead is cracked; if it's heavy, bright, and doesn't have any holes caused by insects or moulds.

    One way to test the authenticity of Rudraksha beads is by placing them in a glass full of warm water for an hour or two. Remove this bead and check whether the water is clean and does not have any germs. Check whether the bead is still solid and does not leave glued surfaces. Also check closely if the bead has any tiny holes. If it's original, put it to dry and wear it as mentioned above.

    X-rays of Rudraksha are the most conclusive test, as they're able to see the seeds and compartments. If a Rudraksha is one-mukhi (single bead), then it should have one compartment and one seed. It's recommended to buy from a genuine, trustworthy and certified dealer such as My Soul Mantra so you know what you're getting.

    Please check the following before you buy 1 mukhi Rudraksha online:

    • Make sure One Mukhi Rudraksha is an half ellipse with good height and width.
    • Before purchasing any Ek mukhi Rudraksha, check whether your 1 mukhi Rudraksha dealer is a certified dealer with experience in the trade and how long have they been in business?


    Ek mukhi Rudraksha bead is one of the most desired bead and it’s price depends upon the size and where it comes from. Price for Java Indonesian Ek mukhi Rudraksha starts from approx. Rs 9000/-and price for Indian beads starts from approx. Rs. 1000/-. Ek mukhi Nepali bead is very rarely found and not sold as such.


    Ek mukhi Rudraksha from India or Java (Indonesia) which is half-moon in shape is said to resemble the eye of Shiva. It is an ancient variety of the commonly found kumkum rice, known for having one seed and one natural hole.

    Top view of Ek mukhi Rudraksha is half ellipse top view and 2 Mukhi’s have full ellipse view from top. 3 mukhi Rudraksha have triangular top view and has 3 compartments whereas 4 mukhi Rudraksha has 4 compartments and top view is found to be square in shape. Similarly 5 mukhi Rudraksha consists of 5 compartments and is pentagonal, 6 mukhi Rudraksha has 6 compartments and are hexagonal.

    Round Shape Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

    Round shape 1 mukhi Rudraksha is always fake. Sometimes sellers will first rub a five mukhi Rudraksha to make it look used, and then carve in a line to give it the appearance of one mukhi bead. If you're looking for original ek mukhi Rudraksha, it is very important to know where they come from. Half-moon cashew-shaped Ek mukhi Rudraksha originates in Sri Lanka and South India both.

    Design Options

    One mukhi Rudraksha is a half-moon shaped bead and it can be used to make a beautiful wearable jewellery. It can be worn as a pendant or a bracelet of a single bead or multiple beads.  

    Rudraksha beads comes in variety of sizes. Larger beads of Rudraksha are more powerful and shows faster results compared to the smaller ones.

    We understand that great choices can be overwhelming, so we're here to help you start narrowing down your options. With My Soul Mantra, you'll find the choicest collector and large size beads at a very reasonable price.

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