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All the orders received between Thursday 4 PM (23rd May) to Sunday (26th May) will be dispatched on Monday 27th May 2024.
All the orders received between Thursday 4 PM (23rd May) to Sunday (26th May) will be dispatched on Monday 27th May 2024.

Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid for Love & Harmony

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Original price
Rs. 1,200 INR
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Size ( Approx Inches): 2 Inch

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Rose quartz is a popular and widely used crystal known for its gentle, loving energy. When shaped into a pyramid, it can be utilized for various purposes. Here are some potential uses and benefits of a rose quartz pyramid:

  1. Love and Relationships: Rose quartz is often associated with love and compassion. Placing a rose quartz pyramid in your living space or bedroom is believed to promote harmony, deepen relationships, and attract love.

  2. Emotional Healing: Rose quartz is considered a powerful crystal for emotional healing. The pyramid shape is thought to amplify and focus its energy, helping to release emotional wounds, soothe grief, and promote self-love.

  3. Meditation and Spiritual Growth: The pyramid shape is associated with spiritual energy and can be used as a tool for meditation. Placing a rose quartz pyramid in your meditation space may enhance feelings of calmness and promote spiritual growth.

  4. Balancing Energy: Some believe that rose quartz has the ability to balance and harmonize energy. Placing a pyramid in different areas of your home or workplace may help create a more peaceful and balanced environment.

  5. Enhancing Self-Love: Rose quartz is often associated with self-love and self-care. Meditating with a rose quartz pyramid or placing it in your personal space can be a reminder to prioritize self-love and nurture your own well-being.

  6. Sleep Aid: Some people believe that placing a rose quartz pyramid in the bedroom can help improve sleep quality and promote peaceful dreams. Its calming energy may create a soothing atmosphere conducive to rest.

  7. Chakra Balancing: Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra, and using a pyramid shape may help focus its energy on balancing and opening the heart chakra. This can lead to emotional healing and a greater sense of love and compassion.

  8. Decorative Element: Beyond its metaphysical properties, a rose quartz pyramid can also serve as a beautiful decorative piece. Placing it in prominent areas of your home can add a touch of elegance while providing potential energetic benefits.

Remember that the effectiveness of crystals is often subjective and varies from person to person. While many people find rose quartz and pyramid shapes beneficial, it's essential to approach their use with an open mind and personal intuition.

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Thanks. The product is as described. Awesome.

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