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Shri Sampoorna Kaalsarp Yantra 24 Carat Gold Plated Yantra 6 x 6 with Protection Sheet

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Product Info

According to astrology, when all the planets from Sun to Saturn come between Rahu and Ketu, then Kaalsarp  Yog is formed. Kaal means time and sarpa means snake. Kaalsarp is an inauspicious dosha which is formed due to the special position of Rahu-Ketu. Due to this dosha, the person does not get enough results of hard work and has to face many obstacles and disappointments in life. A person suffering from Kaalsarp Dosha suffers financially and physically, mainly he also suffers from his child side. Bad effects of this dosha can lead to loss of children, premature death and expenditure of money. Buy Shri Sampoorna Kaalsarp Yantra online to get rid of the bad effects of Kaalsarp Dosha.

Benefits of Sampoorna Kaalsarp Yantra

  • With the effect of Kaalsarp dosha nivaran yantra, a person gets the strength and courage to fight with troubles.
  • This yantra protects from the effects of negative energy and evil eye.
  • With the help of this yantra, health related problems are removed.
  • By using this yantra, positive energy is transmitted in the home or business.
  • The ongoing differences between husband and wife end.

Method :

Install this yantra in your worship room on Mondays and anoint it with raw milk and apply sandalwood paste on it. Light incense and lamps in front of it. After that chant mantra “ॐ भुजन्गेशाये विद्महे, सर्प्रजय धिमही, तन्नो नागः प्रचोदयात।”  11 to 21 times. Worshiping this yantra regularly and chanting the above mantra removes all the obstacles in a person's life.

Note: This pooja can also be done by a single person, but a pregnant woman cannot do it alone.

Kaalsarp Yog Dosh is believed to occur in the Kundli as a result of the person's karma or some past karma done by him. Apart from this, Kaalsarp Yog Dosha is also created if a person has harmed a snake in his present or past life.

This is a 24K gold plated yantra in a wooden frame with acrylic sheet.

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